Monday, September 15, 2014

The World's A Mess It's In My Kiss- X 1980-85

Are you getting on or getting off?
Buy this movie, The Unheard Music, it's a masterpiece, especially the montage editing with still photos and old video footage! Billy Zoom was my favorite member of X. I love that bit in Decline of the Western Civilization where the interviewer is bugging him about why he doesn't have tattoos like the other members, and he just casually says "cause I don't want one".  And this was before tattoos became the completely conformist gesture that they are today, mind you I never dug them, some people have to work to be different and some people just are. That clip is included here as well and boy Exene is drunk.

The Unheard Music is a perfect encapsulation of Los Angeles in the 1980's, and that's coming from someone whose never been there!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

Observatory Time- R.E.M. Live 1985

Cover Star-Man Ray, Paris 1975 (old men often have the best style)
This was the first tour I saw REM on, the Reconstruction of the Fables tour, summer of 1985 before my first year of high school. The concert was at Cullen Auditorium on the University of Houston campus, I was too young to drive, so my Aunt Kay brought me. It was an incredible show! Judging from this and earlier footage I've seen I'd wager that 1985 was REM's peak as a live band. Note the early version of "Fall On Me" and CCR cover "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" performed below.

Fables of the Reconstruction was, sadly, the band's last great album. I wish they would have continued to explore the psychedelic direction of "Feeling Gravity's Pull" and worked more with people like Joe Boyd rather than Don Gehman. Ah well, I suppose it's all part of life's rich pageant and shorty can't eat no books. Also below is the band's first American TV appearance (on Letterman) with Stipe looking for all the world like some kind of Botticelli angel.

R.E.M. in search of Brer Rabbit

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Smell Home Cooking!- Talking Heads Live in Rome 1980

More of my Life/Live in the 1980's series. Tina Weymouth looks particularly good in this video, I dig her. Adrian Belew, though adding nothing visually/sartorially, is a hell of a sonic addition to the band.
This is the definitive live line up of the Talking Heads- the band is on fire! Whew. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Feeling Gladiola All Over- The Smiths Live 1983

The black background proved difficult to maintain due to the ample sunlight from their behinds.
Continuing this week's live in the 1980's series- here are The Smiths!!! Watch your mammary glands!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Infinity Room
What was in front of his eyes went in and out of focus as the landscape slowly shifted like a film dissolve and he found himself yet again somewhere in the past, and in a foreign land.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Door Out Of Summer

Cover Star-Steve McQueen

1. The Door Into Summer- The Monkees
2. The Day Walk- The Byrds
3. My Eyes Have Seen You- The Doors
4. Buddha- The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
5. The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly- The Music Machine
6. Zig Zag Wanderer- Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
7. Hungry Freaks Daddy- The Mothers of Invention
8. Wild in the Streets- Max Frost & The Troopers
9. Nobody Spoil My Fun- The Seeds
10. The Trip- Kim Fowley
11. Color Fantazy- The Penny Arkade
12. I Love To Say Da Da- The Beach Boys
13. Medication- The Standells
14. Optical Sound- The Human Expression
15. Que Vida!- Love
16. Right By My Side- Bobby Jameson
17. Windchimes- The Beach Boys
18. To Claudia On Thursday- Millenium
19. Everydays- The Buffalo Springfield
20. Mainline- The Standells
21. Live- The Merry Go Round
22. Splendor in the Grass- Jackie DeShannon & The Byrds
23. You Showed Me- The Turtles