Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elis Regina! 1945-1982

I'm completely taken with Elis Regina, both as a singer and a personality, what a smile she had! Some singers, the best ones, have a way of connecting directly with the emotions of the song they are singing and investing that song with all their empathy for and understanding of the lyric and how it works with the melody, Sinatra had this too.  This is why listening to, and even better watching, Elis Regina sing is so special, for shorthand I guess you could call it soul. There was no need for overly showy vocalizations or demonstration of technique for its own sake, something much more subtle and beautiful was going on when Elis sang, she took you directly to the heart of the song and all the beauty was there in the small details and inflections in her voice.

You can hear in her voice and see in her face a profound recognition and appreciation of life's moments of joy and sadness and an understanding of their intertwining. Some artists you feel a special kinship for, this is how I feel about Elis, maybe its a Pisces thing, as we share the same birthday.

Elis's MPB special from 1973 with a small band is a particular favorite, there's a dvd of this special but I believe its out of print, but there's downloads out there if you look around, thanks to Bob for getting me one! Here are some clips of Elis in action from the aforementioned special and then one of her and Jobim doing Aguas de Marco together.

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