Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Been So Long Since I Died I'd Almost Forgotten How

In Memory of Jack Parsons

1. Dark, Dark- Arik Einstein- Israel's in the house.

2. New York Woman- Kasenetz & Katz Super Circus- Beauty hides on bubblegum lp's. The LA Woman wins this bi-coastal love triangle.

3. Feelin' Just Fine (Head Full of Shit)- Spacemen 3- Heart full of soul, head full of shit. Where's the Dilaudid when you really need it?

4. The Choice- MAKE-UP- "You put my head into the water and I thought that I would drown".

5. And Who Will You Be Then- Nancy Priddy- Christina Applegate's mom breaks down the perils of serial monogamy.

6. Catalan- Psychic TV- spooky, no?

7. Lookin' In the Toaster- Research 1-6-12- Sometimes you gotta look in the toaster, blame it on the Hendrix poster.

8. Leaving My Old Life Behind- Jonathan Halper- From Kenneth Anger's film Puce Moment.

9. The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown)- Fleetwood Mac- It's the Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era) and they're not fucking about!  "can't believe that you need my love so bad, come sneaking around, trying to drive me mad".

10. Cease to Exist- The Beach Boys- America's band covers a Charles Manson tune, Brian hides in the bathroom.

11. Underground Medicine- The Fall- "Your nervous system, your nervous system"

12. Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)- 13th Floor Elevators- "Why can't you remember?" from whence you came.

13. Visions of Johanna- Marianne Faithfull- it takes strong medicine.

14. Ave, Lucifer- Os Mutantes- The light bringer.

15. Snail's Lament- Trees-  Picture Jimmy Page in his fair isle sweater vest listening to this.

16. Don't Get Scared- King Pleasure- "when you see danger facing you, little boy don't get scared"

17.  In Heaven- Peter Ivers- "in heaven everything is fine"

18. Death of A Ladies' Man- Leonard Cohen- Cohen and Spector get maudlin "I'll never see a face like yours in years of men to come".  With pusses like those two she should be so lucky. I wrote a piece about this album for Tangents back in my salad days. "It's like our visit to the moon, or to that other star, I guess you go for nothing, if you really want to go that far."

19. Deep Night- Rudy Vallee- Fare thee well.

Donald Cammell as Osiris 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jonathan Richman- Like This!

I'll have a new mix up before the month is out.  In the meantime I've noticed a lot of performance clips of JoJo have popped up on youtube in the last couple of years, way more than I realized existed, here are some of my favorites. And here's a link to a rambling piece I wrote in my youth for the Perfect Sound Forever site about the influence of the Velvet Underground on the first incarnation of the Modern Lovers.

                                                         The preppy 80's Jonathan- Nice Sweater
       Early 90's Jonathan- This song turned my good friend's four year old daughter on to the Velvet Underground.
1978 model Jonathan with full band, so good to hear them this way, wish he would consider playing with a band again. There's a 70's Creem magazine with a short piece on Jonathan where the writer tells Jonathan about someone derisively likening his music to Sesame Street, and he replies that he would love to be on Sesame Street, years later this song was featured in a Sesame Street segment.

                                                            Jonathan meets Anthony Wilson
80's open shirt Jonathan on IRS's The Cutting Edge expressing a strong preference for Wranglers over Levis.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

1966-Pet Sounds

I've been immersing myself in the Pet Sounds Sessions lately and rediscovering my love for that album.  I remember first seeing the promo films for Sloop John B and I Just Wasn't Made For These Times in the documentary The Beach Boys-An American Band, which used to run frequently on a local UHF channel on Saturday afternoons in Houston in the 1980's - same channel where my fragile egg shell mind was initially exposed to AIP films like The Trip and Wild in the Streets. Psychedelic saturday afternoons! I often wonder about the hip cats who did the programming for that channel.  Where are they now? Local UHF channels deserve their own post, as a tribute to all the great programming they flooded the airwaves with: late night B-movies, Universal Monster films, saturday afternoon Godzilla flicks, Kung Fu theatre, syndicated shows like the Monkees, Get Smart, Batman, The Prisoner (the villagers even dressed like the Beach Boys circa 65-66), those AIP films and the kind of life changing stuff you can see below in these Beach Boys promos. It's nice to see Derek Taylor in the Sloop John B clip, publicist for the greatest B. bands of the sixties; The Beatles, The Beach Boys and the Byrds.

                             Can't say I blame the rest of the guys in the band for rejecting Mike Love
I know Good Vibrations was not actually part of Pet Sounds but the tracking sessions started during the same period and are included on the Pet Sounds sessions set.

And as a bonus here's one time Beach Boy Glen Campbell performing Guess I'm Dumb, written and produced by Brian Wilson in 1965 with a sound that presaged Pet Sounds.

Friday, July 8, 2011

1965-The Big TNT Show


In 2010 Shout Factory released a DVD of the T.A.M.I. Show a mind blowing American International Pictures concert film from 1964, filmed at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and featuring James Brown, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, The Miracles and more. It's a beautiful film, pure POP magic.  Jack Nitzsche, the musical director, put together a line up that epitomized the diversity and energy of the music scene in the mid-60's when AM radio served up an incredible mixture of rock, R&B, soul, surf and pop.  Among many noteworthy moments is watching the young and nervous Rolling Stones attempt to follow James Brown's kinetic performance and though certainly not equaling him, at least effectively carving out their own turf; an indolent, salacious, sloppy, white take on R&B that heralded much of what was to come in rock n' roll.  How many styles were born from bands emulating one thing and it coming out wrong, and yet different and cool in its own right.

Not yet on DVD but hopefully in the works, is the sequel made the following year in late 1965- The Big TNT Show. This time out the show was produced by Phil Spector and filmed at the Moulin Rouge in beautiful mid-60's Los Angeles, featuring Bo Diddley, the Byrds, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Ronettes, Roger Miller, Ike and Tina Turner, Petula Clark, Ray Charles and others.  Hosted by the incongruous teen idol David McCallum, star of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., it's arguably even better than the TAMI Show, an intoxicating collection of POP music circa 1965 (perhaps the highpoint of the 1960's); from the Byrds' majestic folk rock, to Bo Diddley's jungle beat, to the Ronettes beguiling cuteness, the innocent enthusiasm of the Spoonful, and the pure sexuality of Tina Turner, it's all happening baby!!!  The TNT Show is an amazing time capsule, you can even spot Sky Saxon of the Seeds in the audience- at one point he appears to take Pet Clark's hand hostage. Hopefully we'll see a DVD release sometime soon, in the meantime here's some of my favorite performances from the show. Music never got any better than this and the girls never got any cuter, so just blow your mind!  Happy Friday kids.

                                                                       check Zal out!

                                  audio tracking is a bit off on this one, but it has the full performance

                                                           1964 date is wrong this is 1965

                                             This Could be the Night by the Modern Folk Quartet