Thursday, July 14, 2011

1966-Pet Sounds

I've been immersing myself in the Pet Sounds Sessions lately and rediscovering my love for that album.  I remember first seeing the promo films for Sloop John B and I Just Wasn't Made For These Times in the documentary The Beach Boys-An American Band, which used to run frequently on a local UHF channel on Saturday afternoons in Houston in the 1980's - same channel where my fragile egg shell mind was initially exposed to AIP films like The Trip and Wild in the Streets. Psychedelic saturday afternoons! I often wonder about the hip cats who did the programming for that channel.  Where are they now? Local UHF channels deserve their own post, as a tribute to all the great programming they flooded the airwaves with: late night B-movies, Universal Monster films, saturday afternoon Godzilla flicks, Kung Fu theatre, syndicated shows like the Monkees, Get Smart, Batman, The Prisoner (the villagers even dressed like the Beach Boys circa 65-66), those AIP films and the kind of life changing stuff you can see below in these Beach Boys promos. It's nice to see Derek Taylor in the Sloop John B clip, publicist for the greatest B. bands of the sixties; The Beatles, The Beach Boys and the Byrds.

                             Can't say I blame the rest of the guys in the band for rejecting Mike Love
I know Good Vibrations was not actually part of Pet Sounds but the tracking sessions started during the same period and are included on the Pet Sounds sessions set.

And as a bonus here's one time Beach Boy Glen Campbell performing Guess I'm Dumb, written and produced by Brian Wilson in 1965 with a sound that presaged Pet Sounds.

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