Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jonathan Richman- Like This!

I'll have a new mix up before the month is out.  In the meantime I've noticed a lot of performance clips of JoJo have popped up on youtube in the last couple of years, way more than I realized existed, here are some of my favorites. And here's a link to a rambling piece I wrote in my youth for the Perfect Sound Forever site about the influence of the Velvet Underground on the first incarnation of the Modern Lovers.

                                                         The preppy 80's Jonathan- Nice Sweater
       Early 90's Jonathan- This song turned my good friend's four year old daughter on to the Velvet Underground.
1978 model Jonathan with full band, so good to hear them this way, wish he would consider playing with a band again. There's a 70's Creem magazine with a short piece on Jonathan where the writer tells Jonathan about someone derisively likening his music to Sesame Street, and he replies that he would love to be on Sesame Street, years later this song was featured in a Sesame Street segment.

                                                            Jonathan meets Anthony Wilson
80's open shirt Jonathan on IRS's The Cutting Edge expressing a strong preference for Wranglers over Levis.

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