Friday, September 23, 2011

1970- Zabriskie Point, Blowed Up Real Good!

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Here's the soundtrack to Antonioni's Zabriskie Point including the two songs originally omitted from the OST release, The Rolling Stones' "You Got the Silver" and the Roy Orbison's "So Young". I have mixed feelings about the film itself, a kind of a love/hate relationship.  I usually end up watching part, if not all of it, at least once a year.  But the main characters are so dull, sullen and unlikeable that I find myself routing for the cops and the establishment, though Mark's line "I'm willing to die, but not of boredom" IS a pretty good one.

There's no denying the deft use of music throughout the movie.  The soundtrack establishes a coherent cosmic American road movie mood by drawing on music cues as diverse as Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead to John Fahey, Roscoe Holcomb and Patti Page. The film is also valuable for how it captures elements of a confused but compelling time that quickly passed- as one of the black militants in the opening says "a molotov cocktail is a mixture of gasoline and kerosene, white radicalism is a mixture of bullshit and jive".  But what really makes Zabriskie Point worth watching repeatedly is how beautifully the film is framed and photographed (the DP was Alfio Contini), particularly the desert landscapes and the amazing finale where Michelangelo blows stuff up real good! Here's the SCTV Farm Film Report that sung its praises and the famous end sequence.  Zabriskie Point makes a great double bill with Barbet Schroeder's More from 1969.

1. Heart Beat, Pig Meat- Pink Floyd
2. Brother Mary- The Kaleidoscope
3. Dark Star (excerpt)- The Grateful Dead
4. Crumbling Land- Pink Floyd
5. Tennessee Waltz- Patti Page
6. Sugar Babe- The Youngbloods
7. You Got the Silver- The Rolling Stones
8. Love Scene- Jerry Garcia
9. I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again- Roscoe Holcomb
10. Mickey's Tune- The Kaleidoscope
11. Dance of Death- John Fahey
12. Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up- Pink Floyd
13. So Young- Roy Orbinson

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