Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1990-91-LONS, KMD, Brand Nubian, Tribe and 3rd Bass

Here are some of my favorite Hip-Hop videos from 1990-91.  I used to rush home from class to get lifted and watch Rap City on BET.  It seemed like every couple of weeks there was a new song or group coming out that took things to another level, a new development or refinement in the sound of this music that was progressing, both lyrically and from a production standpoint, at an astonishing rate. 

It's hard for me to believe this was 20 years ago - carefree days all gone now, but I'm glad I was just the right age to witness this highpoint in the culture.  There were maybe 10 or 20 people in Austin that listened to East Coast Hip-Hop at the time, or that's how it seemed.  Looking back I'm struck by the innocence and enthusiasm, by how much dancing went on and just how overall positive the vibe was during this period.  

Zev Love X aka The Young MF Doom, check out Grand Puba pretending to play vibes
The original version of the video had a black guy in white face, MTV wouldn't show it.

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