Friday, September 30, 2011

American Avant-Garde Film-Joseph Cornell, Wallace Berman, Storm De Hirsch, and Pat O'Neill

Treasures IV: American Avant-Garde Film, 1947-1986 is an essential collection of American experimental films.  The majority of the films featured in the collection are from the 1950's and 1960's and are invaluable to anyone interested in the period and in film. Below I've linked to 4 of the 26 short films you will find on the set.  These films can be watched repeatedly, both with sound and without, some are silent, some have an original score, others have new scores composed by John Zorn.  You of course also have the option of providing your own soundtrack and watching how that colors the experience, the possibilities are endless and experimentation is what its all about.  Non-narrative film is to narrative film something like poetry is to prose. It's a completely different experience from narrative film, and one that deepens with repeated viewings.

                              Joseph Cornell's By Night With Torch and Spear (new music by John Zorn)

                                                                 Wallace Berman's Aleph
                                                            Storm De Hirsch's Peyote Queen
                                                                      Pat O'Neill's 7362

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