Friday, October 7, 2011

Blow Your Head!


This mix consists of songs that all feature the four letter word HEAD in the title.  Why?  Because we like you!

1. HEAD- Radio Spot #1- The Monkees- If you've never seen the Monkees film HEAD you don't know what you're missing, definitely one of the best things Jack Nicholson has ever been involved in (he wrote the screenplay with Bob Rafelson), along with The Trip of course.  Last year criterion released a  remastered widescreen version on their BBS box set America Lost and Found.

2. Be My Head- The Flaming Lips- I really like this period of the lips, its psychedelia that doesn't try to ape a vintage sound and so ends up groundbreaking and original in its own right. They lost me around the Soft Bulletin album, which to these ears sounded way too slick.  I'm not opposed to slick production but I don't think it sits well with Wayne Coyne's voice. And the fact that the their lyrics seemed to get goofier didn't help.  I mean they were always silly, but it used to be funny and fun, now it seems more cloying and trite, a bad combination.  Likable guy though, Wayne Coyne, I like his whole elder statesman with suit and graying hair bit.  It would be a hoot to get their bass player Michael Ivans together sometime with his two look a likes, Robbie Krieger and Steven Wright.

3. Blow Your Head- The JB's- whew hot shit!  I first heard this when Public Enemy sampled it on their debut back in 1987.

4. Motorhead- Hawkwind- Lemmy hears the sound of his future calling during a four or five day speed bender.  "I should be tired, but all I am is wired, I ain't felt this good in an hour" hahaha.  Yes sir, Lemmy's probably somewhere feeling good right now, I find that comforting.

5. Teenage Head- The Flamin' Groovies- "I'm a monster, got a rev'd up teenage head!" continuing the amped up theme here.  This one makes being a little jumped up teenage asshole sound much better than it is, I think, or maybe I just missed out on the fun.  I was always such a nice boy.

6. Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight- Earl Vince and the Valiants- Maybe the flip side of that line from Drugstore Cowboy about how there's nothing more life affirming than getting the shit kicked out of you is that there's nothing more exhilarating than kicking the shit out of someone.

7. The Kid with the Replaceable Head- Richard Hell & The Voidoids- Look out! Beatnik punk rock.  One of my favorites in their slim discography.

8. A Year With No Head- The Blue Orchids- Martin Bramah left the Fall and made some amazing music of his own with the Blue Orchids, still "head music" but maybe with a little less energy.  What if he had stayed in the Fall is one of those great what ifs (Marvel should do the comic) along the lines of what if Gene Clark hadn't left the Byrds after "Eight Miles High".

9. Head- Prince- 80's Prince is basically unassailable, especially early 80's Prince.  Prince's take on sex has always been amusing, innocent in a weird way, not like Kiss's version of how a 10 year old boy would view it, but still weird like his kinks derive from violating a version of morality that is already passe within the larger culture and so it almost seems quaint, for instance the girl in this song whose a "virgin on her way to be wed", does that still happen?  He also seems to think marriage is sexy, see "let's pretend we're married" in which he propagates the mistaken idea that sex is gonna get better after your hitched or that pretending that you are is somehow a turn on.  Should be let's pretend we're not married.

10. Head- The Jesus & Mary Chain- One of the writers from Creem, I think it was Bill Holdship, pointed out that these guys had a heavy oral fixation.  So in the first 21 months of their lives the Reid brothers must have been either over or under fed by their mothers, I'm betting on the latter.  Funny thing is it doesn't seem like that's at all what they're singing about in the one song bearing the title, wacky fellas.

11. Second Head- The Teardrop Explodes- No clip for Second Head, so here's the promo video for Reward, bless his cotton socks.  And be careful with the volume on this one, whoever uploaded this clip uploaded it LOUD.

12. Head Coats On-Thee Headcoats- I'm feeling the Billy Childish intro about avoiding the dreaded day job. I dig how he's stayed true to his vision, gets up people's noses and doesn't worry two shits about being considered "cool"by the British tastemakers/snobs.  There's a really entertaining interview with him at the link below- his take on the Beatles is original and hilarious especially when he describes Paul as "deep, dark and scary, like a Dickensian novel, sick songs like Eleanor Rigby, against childhood and life, Paul's a weirdo".

13. Ooh My Head- Ritchie Valens- Ritchie was only 17 when he died, fucking amazing, what could have been?  The guy was bursting with talent, as a singer, writer, and guitarist.

14. Suzy is a Head Banger- The Ramones- Below live in Houston in February 1978, I was six years old and fixated on Star Wars (probably watching a rerun of the Planet of the Apes or one of the sequels on TV), meanwhile in another part of town THIS was happening.

15. Heads Will Roll- Echo and the Bunnymen- Don't know what they're on about, but I like it.

16. Hedi's Head- Kleenex-  It is nice the clips that you can find on youtube, oh the wonders of our modern world, I feel a tweet coming on.

17. The Man Whose Head Expanded- The Fall- Good use of bad keyboard sounds. "Turn the bloody blimey space invader off". 

18. Head On- Iggy & the Stooges- Average stooges....... is still quite good

19. Beachy Head- Throbbing Gristle- Fun lovers Throbbing Gristle pay tribute to a scenic site where people often go to kill themselves.  

20. I Will Die With My Head in Flames-FELT- That's not gonna be good for your hair Lawrence.

21. Head (Radio Spot #2)- The Monkees- "When you see the end in sight, the beginning may arrive".

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