Friday, November 11, 2011

1969-1971 All The Tired Horses
As the 1960's drew to a close with Dick Nixon in the White House, no end in sight in Vietnam, multiple political leaders assassinated in rapid succession, and infighting amongst radical groups (much of which was instigated by the FBI's COINTELPRO) leading to further fragmentation of what was from the start a shaky alliance of various stripes of students, militants, hippies and minorities, the mood of the culture began to shift, there was a feeling of weariness in the air, a realization that the societal and political changes that had seemed so imminent as to be inevitable during the period of 1966-68 had in many ways amounted to little more than, as Lennon put it, "just more kids walking around with long hair". 

These feelings of fatigue and defeat -of the wind going out of the sails of the counter culture - were reflected in much of the music of the time, which had begun to celebrate a return to a rural lifestyle and adopt a more personal and apolitical stance. The records of the leading lights took on a decidedly mellow and pastoral/bucolic feel.  This trend would eventually devolve into the banality of the Eagles, Bread and James Taylor, the kind of bloodless navel gazing singer songwriter records that made punk so necessary, but despite this eventual descent into formulaic blandness there was a great deal of compelling music made in the period of 1969-1971.  All the Tired Horses is my take on this period. 

1. All The Tired Horses- Bob Dylan
2. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere- Neil Young & Crazy Horse
3. Heart of the Country- Paul McCartney
4. The Seeker- The Who
5. Pass Me By- The Hello People
6. Feel Flows- The Beach Boys
7. The Moonbeam Song- Harry Nilsson
8. Dead Flowers- The Rolling Stones
9. Gettin' By, High and Strange- Kris Kristofferson
10. Alberta #1- Bob Dylan
11. Baby- Os Mutantes
12. Oklahoma U.S.A.- The Kinks
13. Hold On- John Lennon
14. Look at Me, Mama- John Buck Wilkin
15. Lookin' At Tomorrow- The Beach Boys
16. The Losing End- Neil Young
17. These Dreams of You- Van Morrison
18. Man We Was Lonely- Paul McCartney
19. Fearless- Pink Floyd
20. Helpless- Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
21. Singalong Junk- Paul McCartney
22. Chestnut Mare- The Byrds
23. Last Of The Unnatural Acts- John Phillips
24. Moonlight Mile- The Rolling Stones

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