Monday, November 7, 2011

Marianne Faithfull-Absolutely Fabulous

I've been enjoying Marianne Faithfull's autobiography, Faithfull,  the last month or so.  It's not a long book but I've been reading it slowly along with other books and comics, as is my wont.  This book must definitely set the record for the most appearances of the phrase 'in flagrante' in one place!  For kicks and to amuse yourself try reading it out loud in an exaggerated English accent.  It also makes a nice companion read to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III Century # 2 1969.

One of the stories she tells that I hadn't heard was that she was dating a heroin dealer in Paris in the early 70's (don't have the book nearby and can't recall his name, something French) who was called over by Pamela Courson the night Jim Morrison died, Marianne begged to go along to meet Jim, but was left behind, the guy returned later very freaked out and they fled to Morocco (natch).  Another great story she tells is Dylan seeking her out in the late 70's after Broken English was released, and how she ended up playing the record for him over and over again while quizzing him "do you understand what this song means?" as he had done with her and his record in their last meeting in the mid-60's. She says he really enjoyed it.  She also explains the circumstances behind her voice seizing up during her early 1980 appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Here are some clips of the absolutely fabulous Marianne in action through the years!

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