Friday, February 3, 2012

McCartney Can't Escape The Hypeness-Blvd. Mosse & Amanda Blank

"U Can't Escape the Hypeness" by the Blvd. Mosse (straight out of New Jersey) was a favorite 12 inch of mine back in the early 1990's.  The song, produced by Tony D.  who sadly passed away in 2009, is based around a sample from Wings' "Let Em In". Sampling Wings seemed really out of left field at the time and was most assuredly not cleared with Sir Paul (suck it moneybags).  But that was part of the beauty of Hip-Hop - its eclecticism, recognizing dopeness in unlikely places and recontextualizing with wild abandon.

And since we're talking about intersection of Paul McCartney and Hip-Hop this is probably as good a time as any to post the Pink Skull remix of Amanda Blank's awesome verse from Spank Rock's "Bump" which features a sample of McCartney's  infamous "Temporary Secretary".

Here's a live version of "Bump" with Spank Rock and Amanda Blank.  Its at Urban Outfitters, which is rather distasteful but its a nice performance and you get a feel for the way that Amanda Blank's verse in particular really gets the crowd hyped.  And why not she's "a throw down kind of bitch" whose "face scratching, weave snatching if you're ready to step".  Heh.

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