Thursday, March 8, 2012

Darker Than You Think-1980-84

Illustration by Edd Cartier

1. Vanity Fair- Squeeze- From 1981's East Side Story.  How great is this song?  Very!

2. House Bound- Special AKA- It's scary out there, it's true. Lately I've been blown away at just how ahead of its time In the Studio with The Special AKA is - damn fine stuff.  Jerry Dammers is top shelf.  

3. Watch Your Step- Elvis Costello- "Drinking down the eau de cologne, and you're spitting out the Kodachrome".  Amazing performance clip below from the Tomorrow Show, RIP Tom, your oddball charm is missed.  

4. Colour Blind- The Pop Group- Nothing else in their discography sounds quite like this, they were approaching their own style of twisted pop here. No video for this one, "Boys From Brazil" and "She Is Beyond Good and Evil" clips below.  

5. Golden Brown- The Stranglers- All they are saying is give Heroin a chance.

6. My Ever Changing Moods- The Style Council- Sometimes the production on Style Council records interferes with my ability to enjoy them, not so on this early version of this song. 

7. Crosseyed and Painless-The Talking Heads- "I might end up in the hospital." It's so damn hard to sit still while listening to this, one of the greatest dance bands ever, check both versions, 1982 and 1980 respectively.  

8. Di Black Petty Booshwash (Dub)- Linton Kwesi Johnson- Produced with Dennis Bovell who was also involved with the Pop Group and the Slits among others.

9. Wunderbar- Christiane F.- The movie Christiane F. has that strangely alluring Germany in the 1970's ambience.  Interview with Christiane from 1984 can be found here-

10. Superman's Big Sister- Ian Dury- Love the strings by Ivor Raymonde who worked with the Walker Brothers and Dusty Springfield as well.  More trivia- Ivor's son, Simon Raymonde, was in the Cocteau Twins.

11. Satisfy-The Mo-dettes- No video for this one so White Mice clip instead.

12. The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)-Fun Boy Three- Even more apropos these days.  Though Reagan was certainly the beginning of the end in many, many ways.  Trickle down economics still pissing on our heads.

13. Sleep- Voice Farm- "The phone is ringing, let's not answer it".  An increasingly rare sentiment in these phone fetish days of the 21st Century.  This track is from 1981's essential  Let Them Eat Jellybeans compilation on Alternative Tentacles Records.  Dance troupe clip from Peter Ivers' New Wave Theatre below.

14. The Other Way of Stopping- The Police- Dismissed as filler at the time these weird little instrumental mood tracks on Police albums, usually written by Stewart Copeland, really added sonically to their records.

15. Save It For Later- The English Beat- I dig this the most, beautiful stuff.  Nice beatnik bit in the video- note the Juliette Greco LP.   These are my kind of peoples, I want to go to a club like this.

16.  Here's One That Got Away- The Style Council- No problems with the production on this one.

17.  Our Lips Are Sealed- Fun Boy Three- Written by Terry Hall of the Specials (and Fun Boy Three) and Jane Wiedlen of the Go-Go's. The promo video and performance clips follow.

18. Strange Little Girl- The Stranglers- The sensitive side of the Stranglers?

19. Big Sister's Clothes- Elvis Costello- The odd soundscapes thrown into this track at the beginning and end really make it.

20. Rebel Waltz- The Clash- Nice fan video for this beautiful track from 1981's Sandinista.

21. Nostalgia- Weekend- "Don't forget the bad times, you swore not to forget, the anger, mental violence, the worries and the threats".

22. Listening Wind- Talking Heads- The sun begins to set on the "white man".  It's later than you think.

23. Enjoy Yourself (Reprise)- The Specials- I think this went quite well. Go enjoy yourself!

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