Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In Fact It's A Gas-1968 & 1969


Several years ago, for my own enjoyment, I made three mix cd's of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones singles, A&B sides back to back, for the years 1965, 1966 and 1967. I tried my best to include the original single mixes in all cases, though I can't say for sure if I always got it right - it was far enough back that I'm not sure what my sources were at the time. But those three mixes have continued to provide me with a lot of enjoyment over the years, especially when immersing myself in the music of a particular year. These mixes also nicely illustrate the divine symmetry between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Well, I've finally gotten around to covering 1968 & 1969 which I have combined into one mix, because both bands were releasing fewer singles by that point and it all blends into one period stylistically. If there is any interest I may follow up and post the mixes for the previous three years, but for now we'll start near the end and then perhaps work our way back from there.  Enjoy!

1. Lady Madonna- The Beatles

2.  Jumpin' Jack Flash- The Rolling Stones

3.  The Inner Light- The Beatles- Appropriately the b-sides to both of the Stones and the Beatles first singles of 1968 contained, arguably, their last full stabs at psychedelia, the Inner Light and Child of the Moon.

4. Child of the Moon- The Rolling Stones

5. Hey Jude- The Beatles

6. Street Fighting Man- The Rolling Stones

7.  Revolution- The Beatles- Lennon caught a lot of flak for this from the radical left, but time has vindicated both his hesitancy to embrace radical groups and especially his dis of Chairman Mao.

8. No Expectations- The Rolling Stones

9. Get Back-The Beatles

10.  Honky Tonk Women- The Rolling Stones- The guy rushing the stage at 1:50 in the Madison Square Garden performance below reminds me of that Jim Morrison line "well that's New York for ya, only people that rush the stage are guys". 

11. Don't Let Me Down- The Beatles

12.  You Can't Always Get What You Want- The Rolling Stones-

13. The Ballad of John & Yoko- The Beatles

14. Old Brown Shoe- The Beatles- "I want a short haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long"

15. Memo From Turner- Mick Jagger- Cheating a bit with this one as it wasn't released as a single till late 1970 and not sure if it features any Stones other than Jagger.  But the movie Performance was filmed in 1968 and the soundtrack was recorded sometime in 68 and/or 69 and both are heavy duty and help flesh out this mix.  Easily one of Jagger's best lyrics and vocals.  

16. Come Together- The Beatles- The Ike and Tina Turner version below, though not part of the mix, was too damn hot not to include here.  Yowsa!

17. Natural Magic- Jack Nitzsche- The B-side to Memo From Turner from the highly recommended soundtrack to the film Performance.  

18. Something-The Beatles- The promo featuring the Beatles' ladies below.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

RE-UPS & My Dinner With Paul

In the words of Paul Stanley "Alright Houston!" I think I got all the old links re-upped, if you encounter any problems feel free to let me know.  And speaking of Paul Stanley......

Thursday, April 12, 2012

1972-Here's Bill & Tony!

Here's Bill & Tony from 1972, one of several interesting short films made by William Burroughs and Antony Balch. Burroughs monologue about asking the pre-clear to do various things (practicing placement in space and time) is based on material from Scientology, with which Burroughs had an interesting and eventually contentious relationship. Tony Balch's bit that starts "We didn't lie to you ladies and gentlemen (etc.)" is taken direct from the script of Tod Browning's 1932 film Freaks. What they proceed to do with switching of image and sound is apparent once you watch and I'd say effectively disorienting.

For more on Burroughs' early interest in Scientology see this link-


Monday, April 9, 2012

JOIN the teen set ON CAPITOL

I recently found a mono copy of the Beach Boys Shut Down Volume 2, originally released in March of 1964. It's a great record and one that I don't see around nearly as often as the other early Beach Boys albums. One of the many things I dig about buying vintage vinyl is poring over all the tiny details that went into the covers and inner sleeves, it provides a fun visual counterpart to the music on the LP sides. In this case the cover, the record and even the inner sleeve of the album are all surprisingly well preserved.

Below is a scan of the inner sleeve which features an advertisement for the Capitol Records Teen Set club, including mock ups, or artist's renderings of the covers of The Beach Boys next two albums - All Summer Long and Beach Boys Concert, released in the summer and fall of 1964 respectively.  The rendering of the cover for All Summer Long is noticeably different from the actual cover, featuring, in different juxtapositions, enlargements of five of the sixteen pictures that made up the actual cover.