Monday, April 9, 2012

JOIN the teen set ON CAPITOL

I recently found a mono copy of the Beach Boys Shut Down Volume 2, originally released in March of 1964. It's a great record and one that I don't see around nearly as often as the other early Beach Boys albums. One of the many things I dig about buying vintage vinyl is poring over all the tiny details that went into the covers and inner sleeves, it provides a fun visual counterpart to the music on the LP sides. In this case the cover, the record and even the inner sleeve of the album are all surprisingly well preserved.

Below is a scan of the inner sleeve which features an advertisement for the Capitol Records Teen Set club, including mock ups, or artist's renderings of the covers of The Beach Boys next two albums - All Summer Long and Beach Boys Concert, released in the summer and fall of 1964 respectively.  The rendering of the cover for All Summer Long is noticeably different from the actual cover, featuring, in different juxtapositions, enlargements of five of the sixteen pictures that made up the actual cover.

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