Thursday, August 2, 2012

In The Heat Of The Summer

Sun & Sea in Monterey, California
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I've been away, in Northern California, it's lovely there, I wore a jacket every day. Now I'm back in Central Texas, it's hot as hell here, and I just want to move away. But in the meantime here are 23 ways to summer joy. Apologies for the wonkiness on the spacing below I've tried to fix it to no avail. As Kurtis Blow used to say "these are the breaks".

1. Wild in the Streets- Garland Jeffreys- 1973 jukebox hit in NYC, "still need a drugstore to cure my cough"!

2. Night of the Lions (mono single mix)- Marc Eric- Marc getting ready for some wilding!  He doesn't sound so tough though.

3. Love at the Pier- Blondie- While on vacation I picked up a nice clean vinyl copy of Blondie's second album Plastic Letters, their last record produced by by Brill Building songwriter and Strangeloves member Richard Gottehrer.  It's a great album, underrated.

4.  Oh Oh I Love Her So- The Ramones- "I met her at the Burger King, fell in love by the soda machine", you can't beat that for a love story.  It's a shame Debbie and Joey didn't make babies. 

5. Go All The Way- The Raspberries- I didn't fully get the appeal of this one till I heard it on the radio in my car. Despite the title it's rather sweet and subtle, especially when compared with the crudely unimaginative and overly sexualized pop music of today.  

6. Turn On Your Lovelight- The Them-  Different approach to the song in the live clip below.

7. Those Conga Drums- Jonathan Richman- "I was lonely back in 73 that's when the conga drums spoke to me".  Conga drums and the beach and flowers in Bermuda had much to do with the transformation in Jonathan (he loosened up a little) from the earlier incarnations of the Modern Lovers to late 70's version.  For more info see his song "Down in Bermuda" especially the live version on Having A Party With Jonathan Richman.

8. Summer Fun- The Barracudas- This is some joyous pop music!

9. The Hustler- The Sonics- A little something to get your blood up, might even make you feel mean.

10. Aloha Steve & Danno- Radio Birdman- "Book em Danno, murder one"  Steve I want to say thank you for all you've done for me. Hawaii Five-O references are jake with me. Think I'll go watch some now, maybe one of the Martin Sheen or Chris Walken episodes.

11. Summer Sun- Chris Stamey-Pop classic courtesy of Chris Stamey and Alex Chilton.

12. Sunny South Kensington- A little name dropping and some nice double bass.

13.  San Franciscan Nights- Eric Burdon and the Animals- "On a warm San Franciscan night". When I was in S.F. it was in the 50's every night, but maybe that's warm to an Englishman.

318 Parnassus Ave. where Hunter Thompson lived while writing Hell's Angels
Night falls on North Beach

14. Albatross- Fleetwood Mac- I first heard this song in The Ramones' Rock n' Roll High School but after a recent screening at the Paramount of Fassbinder's World on a Wire, in which it is used very prominently, it will forever be connected in my mind to Fassbinder's film (technically a mini-series for German TV) and its gnostic sci-fi ambience. Albatross isn't used in the trailer below, but what the hell take a look.

15. Sandcastles- Merrilee Rush & the Turnabouts- "Did he go east, did he go west?"

16. Sand and Sea- Frank Sinatra- Frank just hanging out enjoying the elements with hammond organ accompaniment. This got deleted from youtube so here's the summer wind.

17. Anywhere the Girls Are- The Fantastic Baggys- P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri's surf/hot rod group, 1964, just trying to get some kicks before the whole shithouse goes up.

18. Girl (You Captivate Me)- ? & the Mysterians- Mexican American garage rock, a hot one!

19.  1965 Again- The Barracudas- It was hip to talk about the sunset strip!

20. He Went Down to the Sea- Monks- Amazing live footage of the Monks in 1965 below.

21. Hot As Sun- Paul McCartney- Nice instrumental to relax to on a summer's day

22. The Summer's Ending- Twice As Much- A little sad sack music for your summer come down from the Immediate Records stable.

23. Sugar Town- Nancy Sinatra- Your troubles, like everything else, won't last.

Li-Po's in Chinatown

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