Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do You Want To Get Laid Or Don't You?-David Holzman's Diary

L.M. Kit Carson in David Holzman's Diary-Summer of 1967
I watched David Holzman's Diary at the State Theatre last night, and it has continued to occupy my thoughts, or more accurately haunt me since that time. The impact of the film was definitely increased by viewing it with an audience, particularly at the end, where instead of the usual polite applause that screenings at the Paramount/State Theatres elicit, the admittedly small audience just sat for a moment in what seemed to be stunned silence, then looked around at each other, and slowly got up and filed out of the theatre, without speaking.

One of the most magnetic scenes in the film involves an unscripted encounter with a charismatic woman in a car, the only person in the film who doesn't appear uncomfortable or intimidated at all by the camera, you can see part of this scene at approximately 2:10 in the first video below. Though I'm not particularly impressed or interested in the movie's offspring there's no doubt that the film gives you a lot to ponder and is more relevant today than ever. Below I've included the second part of the Diary on David Holzman, and two short clips from the film and finally a link to an interview with its star, the enigmatic L.M. Kit Carson.

L.M. Kit Carson interview-,60629/

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