Monday, October 22, 2012

93 KHJ Boss Radio In Los Angeles- September 7, 1966

Click for BOSS RADIO

Monkee Trip Time! The link above contains roughly 80 minutes of LA's 93 KHJ Boss Radio featuring DJ's Frank Terry and Gary Mack recorded on September 7, 1966. Witness the greatness of AM radio in the mid-1960's! The Monkee trip, featured prominently in this aircheck, was a promotional contest the station sponsored for the debut of the Monkees TV show. Winners of the contest rode a train from LA to Del Mar (renamed Clarksville for the event) where the Monkees boarded and rode the train back to LA with the kids, performing in one of the cars along the way. The trip took place on September 11, 1966 one day prior to the debut of the Monkees TV show on September 12. Below you'll find some silent footage of the trip, the Boss Top Thirty for September 7, 1966, and a pic of four of the Boss Jocks on the train. For more information on KHJ Boss Radio visit -  
Boss Jocks-Gary Mack, Johnny Williams, Johnny Mitchell and Frank Terry aboard the train

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