Monday, December 17, 2012

1974-Someone Fetch A Priest!

Michael O'Brien-The original Twickenham streaker-1974
The idea that 1974 was the absolute nadir of pop/rock music before the rejuvenation caused by the birth of punk and new wave in 1975/1976, like so much received wisdom, doesn't really hold up under scrutiny. No denying that there was a need for some new energy and new bands by the mid 1970's, and punk provided that in spades, and great stuff it was, even more so when it splintered into lots of little genres, forever freeing us of the burden of mass counterculture. But the point of this mix is to testify to the fact that there was plenty of great music released in 1974, records such as Here Come The Warm Jets, Radio City, Small Talk, New York Dolls in Too Much Too Soon, On The Beach, Fear, Diamond Dogs, Natty Dread, Get Up With It, Country Life, and The Heart of Saturday Night, and that's without resorting to the obscure, just scratching the surface. There's was more to '74 than streaking, but not much more!

1974 Mix

1. If You Can't Rock Me- The Rolling Stones
2. Mod Lang- Big Star
3. Teenage Rampage- Sweet
4. Teenage Lament '74- Alice Cooper
5. Living in the 70's- Skyhooks
6. Chatterbox-New York Dolls
7. Diamond Dogs- David Bowie
8. Baby's On Fire-Brian Eno
9. Kill Your Sons- Lou Reed
10. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend- John Cale
11. Revolution Blues- Neil Young
12. Junior's Farm- Paul McCartney & Wings
13. What You Got- John Lennon
14. Loose Booty- Sly & the Family Stone
15. Bend Down Low- Bob Marley & The Wailers
16. Hands on You- The Raspberries
17. If It Takes All Night- Roxy Music
18. Teenage Dream- T. Rex
19. The Heart of Saturday Night- Tom Waits
20. September Gurls- Big Star
21. Here Come The Warm Jets- Brian Eno

Robert Opel streaks by David Niven at the 46th Academy Awards, 1974

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