Monday, January 28, 2013

A Side of Eternity

1. A Celebration-U2- Hating on U2, or more accurately Bono (aka the pompous one) is an obvious/easy thing to do and ultimately pointless, same thing goes for the Grateful Dead. Most people have U2 records in their past anyway. I like this single a lot, as well as their first couple of records, the non-ironic years. For a long long time I didn't want to hear any of this stuff but enough years have passed that its fun to revisit these songs, lots of good/weird b-sides from those early years.

I didn't realize there was a video for A Celebration, which was a stand alone single. I dig how they used to look- a little awkward, a little new wave. Speaking of awkward, Bono had a weird body, big ass and hips, and he moved/danced like a chick, but its cool, not hating, just having a little fun.  "Go! Go! Go!"

2. Flibberty Jib- Ken Nordine- A hater parable if you will, do people still use that expression, I mean hater, not parable, probably not, so let's abuse it!

Ken Nordine is a genius and I don't use that word casually or lightly.  I love his voice and especially the little inflections he gives certain sentences, the way he says "the questions always come later"  or "possibly it was his manner" very funny.

First video below is an early 70's Levis ad (Flairs with Dacron polyester, it was magic!) with Ken Nordine based on Flibberty Jib followed by the original Flibberty Jib.

Ken Nordine

3. Piss Factory- Patti Smith- Her first record, and her best and most BEAT record. Lots of choice lines in this one- "dicks droop like lilacs" "I take a swig of Romilar" "you got to find the rhythm within" "that forbidden acrid smell" etc. etc.  The way she says "but it's a paycheck jack!" reminds me of Bob Odenkirk's Manson impression/skit from the Ben Stiller show. He's another genius jack! Bob Odenkirk!

4. Breakaway- Toni Basil- I don't have a good quality mp3 of this one, apologies.

5. Clarietta Rag- Kevin Ayers- "Riding round on her Lambretta"- love the noisy little guitar solo on this one.

6. Lose This Skin- The Clash with Tymon Dogg- Tymon's voice takes some getting used to, great lyrics, a lot of Sandinista illustrates the subtle lines that connect punk and folk music or I suppose you could say all music.  It's a deep record, one that you can get really lost in.

7. Don't Stop the Carnival- Harry Belafonte- "A Creole bacchanal".  Version below from 1968 was taped for the Smothers Brothers show, but censored by CBS due to the background film.

8.  Bangkok- Alex Chilton- Alex casually mixing his Asians up in this one.

9. The Morning After The Night Before- Ora- Nice song, finger snaps. I don't know anything about these guys, but I think this was released in 1969.  Celebrating the joys of staying in bed, me I like to get up early eat breakfast drink some coffee and then go back to bed, that's about as decadent as I get these days.

10. The Orchids- Psychic TV- The first couple of PTV records are a pleasant sweet surprise, especially Dreams Less Sweet from whence this track came.  Start with that one.  

11. Love Song- Syd Barrett- As fractured as Syd became he always retained a certain pop sensibility.

12. Chanson D'o- Francoise Hardy- Breathy!  Ooh la la.

13. A Norman Soldier- Mark Fry- This album, Dreaming With Alice, is well worth picking up.

14. The Clouds Are Lies- Brian Jonestown Massacre- From their most recent record, Aufheben, which sounds pretty good to me.  Looks like lots of people have been putting together their own videos for this song on youtube, I've included two and a live performance in between.

15. A Singer Must Die- Leonard Cohen- Leonard keeping things light, as usual.

16. All My Trials- Nick and Gabrielle Drake- Nick harmonizes with his sister the lovely actress Gabrielle Drake. This is from the Family Tree collection of home demos, which is recommended, buy it.  

Gabrielle Drake- a nice pair

17. No Soy Hemingway- Claude Bessy- What a character!  I remember first being exposed to him in the Decline of the Western Civilization "I have excellent news for the world" see clips below.

Claude Bessy aka Kickboy Face

18. Ordinary Bummer- Iggy Pop-  Zombie Birdhouse from 1982 is the last Iggy record I find interesting, its a weird one, a definite grower, this is the best track, beautiful song.

19. Listen To These Chords I Play- Roger Rodier- Christian, French Canadian acid folk- can you get to that? Very pleasant stuff, the whole record is worthwhile, seek it out, it's called Upon Velveatur from 1972.

20. Bonny River- Sunforest- I'm gonna give this a try one day.

21. Blue Sky Grey- The Bridge Gang- I think this single is from 2005.  And this is the second song in the mix from this century, if this keeps up I'll have to change the name of the blog to the sound the present makes. Not certain but I think The Bridge Gang is no more, their website is not active and it doesn't look like they ever released a full length record or if so I can't find one online. So a good band breaks up and a thousand shitty ones trudge on, such is the way of the world. Blue Sky Grey is a great pop song that I stumbled upon a couple of years back, don't know much about the band, if anybody can show me where to buy some more, let me know.  There are some live clips on youtube, but not for this song, I've included one below.

The Bridge Gang

22. Tree Green- John Martyn- From the 1970 Road to Ruin album, which I believe you should get a copy of forthwith.

23. Sukiyaki-Kyu Sakamoto- Very nice, there's a little weirdness in my mp3 of this one, not quite a skip but like a weird edit, well maybe its a skip, not sure how that happened, but you'll have to live with it, just like I do.

24. You're Getting Better- Ken Nordine- Ken riffs on the vanity of paranoia, and the paranoia of vanity to hilarious effect.

25. It Is Obvious- Syd Barrett- I love this one, "it is obvious.. that it is found on another plane"

26. May the Circle Remain Unbroken- 13th Floor Elevators-  Bull of the Woods, the last studio record by the Elevators, is a sorely underrated record, please check it out.

That's All Folks!

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