Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Love Disaster And I Love What Comes After!

Tough Guys Don't Dance, is a truly terrible film written and directed by your boy Norman Mailer.  I mean it gets goddamn gold stars for lousiness.  It might, conceivably, be fun to watch with several severely inebriated friends, but watching this travesty by oneself, which is how I braved it, is truly unbearable.  In fact I didn't make it to the awful conclusion, so don't tell me how it ends! So why, you ask, did I watch it ? Oh I suppose some combination of morbid curiosity and wanting to see another film with Isabella Rossellini in her prime.  

Still even unpleasant things sometimes seem to happen for a reason. And I got to say that the infamous "Oh man, Oh God" scene has come in handy this week as the only appropriate and amusing response to what has been a real shit storm of bad luck, bad breaks and deteriorating relationships in my own terrible movie. Wish I could blame that stinker on ol' Norm- somewhere near me someone should be swinging a camera around wildly to symbolize how my world is reeling off balance. So here's the scene I'm referring to, followed by Norman reading the test audience comment cards on the film, and talking about his insistence that it remain in the film. Watch this turkey at your own risk!

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