Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heartbreak & The Logic of Speed

click to download-≥My Blue Period

Click on my blue period above to download the zip file of this mix. Wednesday's child is full of woe. 

Track list:

1. Weather Report- The Tennors- Ah yet another instance of white culture, in this case a Simon and Garfunkel tune (can't get much whiter than that-not that there's anything wrong with being white, some of my best friends are white), being appropriated without credit by another culture. Maybe Graceland was Simon's revenge.  All kidding aside, this track is aces, and it's not even sad. Patience, we'll get there. You got to get high to get real low.

2. City Sickness- Tindersticks- Tindersticks' albums tend to be a little too long and repetitive due to the consistent mood and tempo, but take almost any track in isolation and it's undeniably great stuff.  This is one of their best tunes. I like how they rock that baby everywhere they go in the video below- ahead of their time in terms of the whole accessorizing with baby craze!

3. Please Mrs. Henry- Bob Dylan- "I'm a good ol' boy but I've been sniffing too many eggs"

4. Don't You Know- Pulp- I like all of Pulp's material oddly its the one album that broke them, Different Class, that I have the hardest time connecting with, and believe me I've tried. My favorite Pulp remains 80's Pulp, this one is from 1987.  

5. Bill Drummond Said- Julian Cope- Does naming a song so and so says or said somehow ensure that it's gonna be great? Seems that way. I pulled out Fried recently and when I got to this track found myself hitting repeat over and over- wish Julian still made pop music. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't win, if a falling leaf can't help my suffering".  Only a poor quality demo version was available on youtube, so make sure you download this to hear it in its full glory.

6. Dismantled King Is Off The Throne- FELT- "I was feeling desperate unable to decide, between a life of misery or awful suicide".  This is the version from the compilation Goldmine Trash which was my introduction to FELT and one that I am still fond of, especially the first side.

7. Here Without You- The Byrds- Sweet Gene Clark, he understood the troubles of being a romantic in the modern world.  Dylan was quoted in a 1965 Hit Parader as saying "the one to watch is Gene Clark of the Byrds, he's got something to say, and I'm listening".

8. Always See Your Face- Love- Not surprised to learn that Arthur Lee was a Pisces, we don't have much truck with what most of you like to call reality. Below is the studio version followed by some rare footage of later period Love (1970?) doing a live version and a drum solo, you can stop it after about 1:50.

9. Only Love Can Break Your Heart- Neil Young- Being on your own when your old does feel much different than when you are young, mostly it feels worse.  Nice vocals.

10. The Ides of March (I Should Have Seen It Coming)- William- A home recording, to which I will probably eventually add some organ and maybe a tambourine.  A sad lover's waltz. All my songs are, of course, fiction.

11. Who's Driving Your Plane- The Rolling Stones- The b-side to "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In the Shadow?".  "I wanna see your face when I'm leaving your legs" is a great line, the more I listen to the Stones the more I rate Jagger over Richards. Keith has such a contrived, cliched image, and it only gets worse the older he gets. I did enjoy the news story about him falling out of a coconut tree a decade or so ago, that was good stuff. Say what you will about Jagger's lack of sincerity, but he did so much with so very little- a technically limited voice- but his sixties vocals are a marvel, all the different shadings and tones he gets while always sounding somehow like the same guy.  Underrated lyric writer as well. 

12. Maria Bethania- Caetano Veloso- "She has given her soul to the devil, but the devil gave his soul to God".  I want a coat like Caetano's -not really practical for Texas though.

13. Little Spacey- The Cocteau Twins- This record, Victorialand, is forever connected in my mind with high school - more specifically a field near my house in Houston where we discovered magic mushrooms growing, which made for a nice psychedelic summer.  It was quite a surprise to find out years later that the Cocteau Twins drug of choice was speed. I saw the Cocteau Twins live in Houston in I think 1989, and what sucks is that although Galaxie 500 opened up I missed their entire set because I was still standing in line to get in to the damn club-poor planning on whoever ran that club, and I'm still pissed about it!  

14. When- Vincent Gallo- Not really a songwriter in the conventional sense, and certainly not in the song craft sense- his songs work in much the same way as his movies, creating a sustained mood or tone, that you either find bewitching or boring.  His tendency to cast himself as misunderstood guy who acts like a jerk cause he got his feelings hurt by some girl is more than a little manipulative, but hey he's also funny and interesting, so you got to take the good with the bad. Come to think of it maybe all guys use this approach to a certain extent, he's just had more success with it than most. Anyway Prince Vince has a nice vulnerable sounding voice, more than a bit of Chet Baker in there. On a side note his performance in Arizona Dream is probably his best, and it's in a movie packed with great performances, from Lili Taylor, Jerry Lewis, Faye Dunaway and Johnny Depp.

15. Liza Radley- The Jam- UK b-side to "Start", b-side wins again. "She kissed my face and said love means nothing at all". I picked up somebody's collection of Jam picture sleeve singles recently, I love when you go to the used record store and you can tell what records all came from the same person's collection.

16. I'll Be Back- The Beatles- Now THIS is pop song craft at its finest. Not one but two killer bridges. In Julian Cope's autobiography he's got a nice bit about their producer or maybe engineer getting drunk in the studio late one night and listening to the Beatles and weeping at both their greatness and how much he loved them.  The songs of the Beatles and Jonathan Richman have gotten me thru more hard times than any other musicians.

17. The Not Knowing- Tindersticks- Another great song from their first album. I find the suspecting and not knowing rather unbearable myself, but I appreciate the sentiment of this tune.

18. I Want You- Pulp- See what I mean about 80's Pulp, its not all as good as the two songs I've included here, but the high points are career high points.

19. You Don't Love Me Yet- Bongwater- This Roky Erickson cover was a stand alone single but it's included on the cd version of Double Bummer which is another album that is forever associated in my mind with high school or maybe it was the first summer home in Houston after freshman year in college, inebriated evenings with no place to go but still happy and high with friends, content to just drive around Houston and listen to music. 

Studio version below followed by a wonderfully bizarre performance on David Sanborn's Night Music, with a great intro by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and backing vocals by the Pussywillows-April March's first band. And as if that was not enough you also got Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead for some reason accompanying them on acoustic and looking confused about why he is there, or maybe Bob Weir always looks confused, it's difficult to say. I love that this went out nationally on TV, albeit late at night. Cable TV has really wrecked good television in some respects.  Used to be the later it got at night the weirder the programming, which made staying up late FUN.  

20. The Logic of Speed (rough mix)- William- Another home recording, it's my mix and I'll include myself if I wanna. This is from the p.o.v. of a female character (see lyrics below), but it's really a composite of any number of people associated with Warhol's Factory in the mid 1960's.  One day before I do the soft shoe shuffle off this planet I'm gonna press a vinyl record of some of these songs. 

She said when I come back I'm gonna be so beautiful
that everyone will be afraid to touch me
for fear that I might break
and what a mess that would make
how many hours it would take
to get me all back together
back in the same place

Everyone just keep your hands off me
My reflections all I really need
Everyone just keep your hands off me
I want my world to stay forever clean

Everything I need I got it right here with me
I go from place to place 
there's nothing holding me
Well I'm all self contained
moving too fast to feel pain
I draw tiny pictures
and they don't need no picture frame

Everyone just keep your hands off me
My reflections all I really need
Everyone just keep your hands off me
I want my world to stay forever clean
with the logic of speed
the logic of speed

(copyright Wm)

21. You Don't Love Me Yet- Roky Erickson- The original version is too good not to include here as well.

22. Till the Morning Comes- Neil Young- Mañana then, always mañana.

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