Friday, July 26, 2013

My Cat Named Dog (Norma, Alex & Yoko)

This whole record is worth hearing, but the single remains the high point. Although "Walkin' My Cat Named Dog" is a more upbeat tune, it puts me in mind of Big Star's "Nightime", probably because there is some melodic similarity between the two (check the melody on the "walking down the freezing street" near the end of "Nightime").  Was it intentional on Chilton's part? Probably not, though Alex was certainly not against pinching melodies outright, witness his pilfering of the piano melody from Yoko Ono's "Mrs. Lennon" for Big Star's "Holocaust". He gets extra points though- if you have your scorecards with you- for stealing from hip (and strange) ladies like Yoko and Norma. Aloha bitches! That's where I'm at!

Yoko Ono's Fly from 1971

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