Friday, September 13, 2013

The Pop Group- Beatniks of the Future

Marlon after a bongo session has a strange and haunting pre-cognition of futuristic beatniks called the Pop Group

I can't remember the exact quote but the Pop Group in one of their early interviews said something like they wanted to be the beatniks of the future. And the more I listen to their amazing recordings the more I think they nailed it with that quote. They were indeed futuristic beatniks, whatever that means, it captures a feel as well as the imagination, so fuck it lets go with it, they certainly did. Their sound- part free jazz, part spoken word, part dub, part tribal funk- was too unique to ever even be approximated by other bands, though Rip Rig + Panic who arose from their split carried on the beatnik/jazz vibe admirably.  So kids I implore you to fall in and groove to the gone, way out sounds of the Pop Group and Rip Rig + Panic.  And to read up on the band visit the excellent press archive at their web site

The Pop Group daydream Marlon

Nice Person to Person segment from 1955 with Edward R. Murrow interviewing Marlon Brando, including his house, his Dad, and a bit of bongo playing with Jack Costanzo.

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