Saturday, September 28, 2013

Young People & Their Companions

Bob Odenkirk & David Cross
It's been years since I've watched any Mr. Show, but I recently picked up the third season and have been enjoying revisiting what is arguably the best sketch comedy program ever. I saw so much of Mr. Show in the late 90's when it was originally on that I had it firmly implanted in my memory and hadn't felt the need to re-watch it for quite a while. One of the bands I was in at the time would take regular breaks from playing to watch episodes. But enough time has passed that its a gas to see this stuff again.

I don't throw this word around lightly but I am of the opinion that Bob Odenkirk is a comic genius and it's nice to see him get so much attention lately due to his role in Breaking Bad. In any case here's a couple of skits from the 4th episode of Season 3 parodying rock stars and their sullen demeanors (particularly the uncommunicative sarcastic British ones) and local news reporting and the future of kids' wear. Although the obvious source for the Smoosh brothers skit is Oasis, clearly Odenkirk had seen Public Image's notorious 1980 appearance on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow program, which I've included after the clip, he even throws in Lydon's doo-dah.  This illustrates another side of Mr. Show's genius their skits were never one note satires or parodies, they were multi-leveled and often contained staggering absurdist leaps of imagination.

 I was hoping to find an upload of the whole episode as its one of my favorites and the way the skits segue into one another is part of its brilliance, but no luck so here's what i could find and piecemeal it is- there's so many great details like Sarah Silverman's stupid VJ name Chrysalis. Enjoy!

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