Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sex In The 1980's-The Vaselines

Stephen Pastel and Frances McKee
It's been a long time since I've watched any of Nardwuar the Human Serviette's interviews- there's no particular reason why I stopped watching, other than I might have seen all the ones I was interested in and at some point I stopped getting emails from his list. A gradual falling away I guess, like so many things. But I've always enjoyed his unique style of interviewing, a strange and enticing combination of abrasive and goofy, and the subsequent range of reactions he draws out of his subjects/victims. Recently I was reminded of this when I stumbled across Nardwuar's interview with the reformed Vaselines, Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee. It's an encounter that I found interesting and funny enough to share here with you dear readers. I was especially amused at how Frances is still eager to throw in cheeky references to sex (bit of a potty mouth) which seem to, judging from the look on his face, make Eugene a little uncomfortable.

For those not aware these two Vaselines were boyfriend/girlfriend in the 1980's so when Nardwuar asks Frances how sex was in the 80's and she replies, "sex was pretty bad"- ouch for Eugene!!! Though she is quick to follow up with the usual scapegoats; youth- okay granted there's a learning curve, uptightness- alright yes it's important to relax (Eugene should have explained that), and then she drops the big all purpose baddie- Catholicism, come come Frances, being Catholic only makes sex hotter, as both myself and any Catholic school girl can testify. Jeez, surprised she didn't throw Thatcher and the dole in the mix at that point. Well in any case all's well that ends well and Frances is still quite the looker- cute accent and all! Maybe it's all that yoga. She's got me craving a jelly donut! (some of this will make more sense after you watch the interview)

After the Nardwuar interview is a clip of the band live in Japan. I hardly ever see live shows, and usually have little interest in reunions, but I think I would venture out of the house to see the Vaselines- it's a strangely sweet rush to hear the roar of the crowd in response to "Son of A Gun" as if we've entered some alternate universe where good music became hugely popular, though its probably just nirvana.

Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee

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