Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Sun Comes Shining Through

What's up with this mix you ask? Well maybe it's cause rock n' roll was always just a euphemism for sex, or maybe it's because fall in Texas feels more like spring, or because the ladies book club down the street from me is reading 50 Shades of Grey, or maybe it's none of your damn business, nosey-in any case I hope it's not too priapic for you.  

1. The Mixer (Men & Women Together)- The Modern Lovers- "How does it feel with sex all around?" An early Modern Lovers song from a live show detailing the uncomfortableness at college dances/mixers. 
Jonathan Richman & Jerry Harrison at a Mixer
2. New Rose- The Damned- The distortion on that guitar sounds awful and great at the same time, and the song just moves. Irresistible. I love how both the Damned and the Stranglers didn't fit in or rate with the "punk elite". Who would want to rate with the Bromley Contingent anyway, bunch of light weight Rocky Horror rejects. What of the Damned you say? Well see the Damned were more Hammer Horror, big difference my friend.

3. I Can't Control Myself- The Troggs- "If you knew me like I know you girl, your knees would bend and your hair would curl". RIP Reg, you were one of the greats!

4. What's Inside A Girl- The Cramps- Something telling me there's a whole other world! I love the surf/spy soundtrack guitar. "You got a pointed bra, a 10 inch waste, long black stockings all over the place". Girls ARE wonderful, aren't they. Sugar and spice is just a bluff.

5. Candy (Sugar Shoppe)- The Brady Bunch- Greg Brady's got such a sweet tooth! The parenthetical Old English spelling of shoppe is a goofy touch. Unfortunately no one's uploaded this song on youtube, so instead I give you one of the more suggestive scenes from the show in which Peter has his model volcano erupt for Marcia and her friends.

There's another great episode where Marcia gets in trouble for leaving her records on the player and I swear you can make out the sleeve next to the player and it looks like it's Exile on Main Street, pretty hip huh, there's some other weird stuff in that particular episode that I might cover some other time.

6. Listening to Marmalade- Go-Kart Mozart- Lawrence, formerly of Felt, makes a sharp left turn whilst listening to Marmalade.

7. Drive Me Wild- Vanity 6- It's funny to think of Prince writing all these songs, although not altogether surprising. I had a Vanity 6 poster on my wall when I was in junior high. I was a big fan of Prince, Vanity 6 and The Time, especially The Time. I really wanted a pair of Stacey Adams two tone shoes so I could be like Morris Day.

8. Jam Up & Jelly Tight- Tommy Roe- Not sure what Tommy's on about but it certainly sounds suggestive, one look at his grin below and you know this man is up to no good, he kinda looks like this guy I used to play in a band with in high school. I like the idea of the naughty but nice girl that he extolls in the tune.

9. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket- Jimmy Lloyd- Whew! The fuse is lit! What a tune! Below is Iggy Stooge's updated for the 70's version, which I would have included in this mix but I ran out of room.

10. Loose (Take 2)- The Stooges- Fucking Iggy, always singing about his cock. What a guy! This take has the original lyrics which he later revised for better or worse eliminating lines about flying on a red high weenie and riding on a big hot dog. Thankfully the hook "I'll stick it deep inside" remained.

11. Slum Goddess- The Fugs- I imagine the slum goddess's have all been priced out of the LES these days.

12. Wreck A Buddy- Soul Sisters- I first heard this tune as a young kid when I saw the Clash film Rude Boy, its playing in the club in the scene where Ray Gange gets a BJ in the ladies room-see the second clip below, a pretty gritty B.J. at that, might be the real thing.

13. Shake, Rattle and Roll- Big Joe Turner- One of the great lyrics of rock and roll and the one from which the tittle of this mix originates. "Wearing those dresses the sun comes shining through, I can't believe my eyes all that mess belongs to you".  It's hard to argue with this sentiment.

14. Venus in Bovver Boots- The Nipple Erectors- This here's Shane McGowan's punk band which later became just the Nips. You can look up Bovver boots. I could only find a inferior live version on youtube, the one in the mix slays this one.

15. Louis Quatorze- Bow Wow Wow- Annabella's the girl for me! And the obvious focus of Bow Wow Wow, but the rest of the band were amazing and unique, no one else sounds quite like them. I love how McLaren always lost control of his charges, they always ended up being more than he bargained for.

16. Little Girl- John & Jackie- What to say about this one? Pretty racy for 1958 and it anticipates Bow Wow Wow's "Sexy Eiffel Tower" by 20 odd years.

17. Mini-Skirt Blues- The Flower Children- Going to a go-go, working on my mojo etc. etc.

18. Stray Cat Blues- The Rolling Stones- "Bet your mama don't know you scream like that!" This mix is a little different from the released version it's from an alternate Beggar's Banquet bootleg. 

19. Gloria- The Doors- The talents of two Irishmen combine, Van Morrison and Jim Morrison, the latter covering the former. This, I believe, is from a soundcheck. The record, Alive, She Cried, came out when I was in high school. I was a sophomore and not yet driving so a senior named Sean used to give me a lift to school. Sean was a great guy, one of those people that everybody, even in the divisive and cliquish high school years, seemed to like and for good reason-he was hip, funny and nice, a real rare combination. He was one of those slightly older cats you find yourself looking up to when your young.  I wish I had had an older brother like him. I looked and felt like a dork but he was always cool to me, which means a lot at that age. Come to think of it I think he was of Irish descent as well.

Anyway Sean had really interesting and eclectic musical taste. One morning he might pick me up with "Dance This Mess Around' blaring another morning it might be "In The Court of the Crimson King" or the Supremes "Love Child". I remember him doing a sort of pantomime to the beginning of "Love Child" in the parking lot at school. Might sound corny but trust me it was great, he could pull something like that off, and suddenly life would become cinematic-like De Niro dancing to "Mickey's Monkey" in Mean Streets. Charismatic.

Another great memory I have of Sean was how he spliced this tape of The Smiths "Miserable Lie" so that the bit at the end where Morrissey goes into falsetto just kept repeating for several minutes. The fact that he would take the time to do something like that just for his own amusement says more about him than anything else I can write. To me that was the epitome of cool, still is. But I've digressed- getting back to "Gloria" I brought a tape of this record one morning to listen to on the way to school and I recall vividly his amusement especially at Morrison's rap and affected accent on "What's your name? How old are you?  Where'd cha go to school?  Yeah, uh huh, yeah". It was fun watching him react to it for the first time. The fact that he got such a kick out of it made me proud.

Jim Morrison and Van Morrison on stage together at the Whiskey A Go Go 1966

20. Baby Let's Play House- Elvis- Elvis at his horniest and meanest "I'd rather see you dead little girl than to be with another man". Arthur Gunter wrote and recorded the original version. Elvis didn't always improve on the songs he covered, but in this case the difference is striking. This is a radical reinterpretation that illustrates the art of interpretation. Elvis made this one his own, from the lyrical changes to the restructuring of parts and the hyped up delivery, especially that intro. The original is cool but sounds lackadaisical in comparison. Elvis REALLY WANTS to play some house!

21. Let's Pretend We're Married- Prince- Prince was such an oddball, I love it!  I think I was 13 when I got this record, this was pretty titillating stuff for a 13 year old. All these old synth sounds seem hip again nowadays too...well some of them at least. The breakdown at the end is awesome- "I'm not saying this just to be nasty, I sincerely want to fuck the taste out of your mouth!" Ladies love sincerity Prince. "Ooowee shasha kookoo yeah!"  

As usual no Prince is allowed on youtube, so here's one of the amusing inner sleeves for the record, 1999. Let's see there's a crescent moon out, something is smoking like crazy in his bedroom, he's got the pimped out neon from Spencer's in the mall all lit up, and he's butt naked in bed getting ready to paint with gloves on. Typical day in the life.

22. Get Hot Or Go Home- John Kerby- Nuff said.

23. Fujiyama Mama- Wanda Jackson- The queen of rockabilly. This is what I call a convincing performance.

24. I Want You- The Troggs- So hot that they get two songs in this mix. A lesser songwriter might have felt compelled to break up that lustful caveman thump with another part, but Reg knew better, just let the guitar ride over the same chords. Brutal and perfect. 

25. Kinky Reggae- Bob Marley & The Wailers- This is the crucial Jamaican mix from the redux Catch A Fire.  "She had brown sugar all over her booga-wooga!" Yum. This reminds me of another Sean story (see #19 above)- I brought a Wailers tape on a band trip, probably Burnin' as that was my fave, anyway I guess he wasn't too familiar with reggae, but he listened for a bit grooving to the guitar skank and then remarked "damn this is music to fuck to!" As a 15 year old virgin this connection had not occurred to me, but was most surely and duly noted. One of those bits of wisdom casually dropped on you by your slightly older classmates that you stash in your hip pocket for later. 


26. Lonely Boy- Sex Pistols- Really it's half of the Sex Pistols- Steve "Ham" Jones and Paul Cook from the Great Rock n' Roll Swindle soundtrack. One of the great rock n' roll films, thanks in large part to Julian Temple.  

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