Monday, November 11, 2013

That Girl Belongs To Yesterday

Get Smart was one of many shows from the 1960's that was still in syndication in my childhood and adolescence in the 1970's and 80's. Barbara Feldon, who portrayed Agent 99, was one of my first crushes, before I had any idea what the word or, for that matter, the feelings meant. Barbara had a delicate beauty, a lot of style, cute hair, and a unique and sexy voice. The character she played was a smart, competent, single working female, which at that time was rare for television. Below you'll find a clip of the single she recorded about her character agent 99 and the commercial that first brought her to the public's attention, followed by a short documentary and a clip from Get Smart of her singing "La Vie En Rose" in a blonde wig. I still love to have 1966 TV marathons which always include my favorites from that year; Get Smart, Batman, That Girl, The Monkees and Star Trek.

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