Friday, December 13, 2013

Tell Me If She Laughs Or Cries

Cover Star-Geraldine Chaplin (in Cannes)
Geraldine Chaplin circa 1965-67 is one of my ultimate feminine ideals, good Lord, look at her! Such a delicate beauty, almost otherworldly- lithe, classy, sweet, stylish, graceful and intelligent. I knew a girl once who reminded me of her a bit.

As you might have guessed I re-watched Doctor Zhivago recently, it's a great winter time movie, beautifully shot and with an amazing cast -Rod Steiger, Julie Christie, Tom Courtney, Geraldine Chaplin, and Alec Guinness. But I have to say the purported romance of the movie is completely lost on me, I'm sure its partly because I dig Geraldine during this period so much, but even more because her character Tonya seems like the only person in the film who is truly acting out of a selfless love.

I can't help thinking while watching the film, what the hell is Yuri doing- he has this amazing wife, who is totally dedicated to him, supportive, loving and beautiful and he's spending all his time daydreaming and writing poetry about Lara with whom he has really only a passing and superficial familiarity, but then again I guess that's the deal with so much "romance"- it's really mutual delusion and projection. I've never read Pasternak's book but maybe Yuri and Lara's relationship is more fleshed out in the novel.

So here's to make believe love, yours and mine. Make believe, love.


1. Gabrielle- The Nips
2. Yesterday's Numbers- Flamin' Groovies
3. Frontwards- Pavement
4. Come On, Come On- Cheap Trick
5. Spanish Harlem Incident- The Byrds
6. Coz I Luv You- Slade
7. Secrets- Van Halen
8. Walk Away- James Gang
9. Here Comes The Night- The Them
10. I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying- The Miracles
11. I Remember  You- The Ramones
12. Sorrow- David Bowie
13. You're Breaking My Heart- Harry Nilsson
14. Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave-Dave Mason
15. Dead Flowers- Townes Van Zandt
16. Cried A Thousand Times- Liam Hayes
17. Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall- The Velvet Underground
18. I'm Through With Love- Marilyn Monroe
19. Sitting In The Midday Sun- The Kinks
20. Fade Into Evening (instrumental)- William
21. Here I Go- Syd Barrett

Geraldine on the set of Doctor Zhivago-1965

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