Friday, March 21, 2014

That Once Were Guarded By A World Of Sweet Attention

Ginsberg, JK, & Corso
Below is a good quality clip of Jack Kerouac's beautiful 1959 reading from the Steve Allen Show ostensibly from On The Road though he sticks in part of Visions of Cody on the sly. I was struck when I saw a clip of an early Dylan interview, I think it was also on Steve Allen, included in the No Direction Home documentary where Dylan is obviously doing his best Kerouac impression in his interview with Steve, he had the vocal inflections, and the subtle movement of the head and everything, what amazed me most about this- cause I already knew he was a huge fan of JK's- was Dylan's incredible talent for memory and mimicry, for he could only have seen that interview once, but he totally internalized and nailed Kerouac's mannerisms. Unfortunately I can't find the Dylan clip online, see second clip below for the interview portion of JK's appearance on Steve Allen, where he also gives a wonderfully succinct definition of Beat-"sympathetic".

My heart broke in the general despair, and opened up inwards to the Lord, I made a supplication in this dream!

Lastly there's the hilarious interview that Ben Hecht did with JK, where he keeps patronizing him and trying to get him to denounce things, and Kerouac remains affable and funny. Time itself has I believe validated Kerouac's amusing statements about Eisenhower.

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