Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Batista Swing

David Johansen is one of my favorite front men, hell he might even be one of the all time greats, who the fuck knows. He certainly rocks a mean cowbell, makes me laugh and commands attention, aka owning the stage. Anyway this post is inspired by the Dolls in S.F. at the Matrix, in particular Johansen's humorous introduction to "Private World" (fast forward the second video to 8:59 for this) "this song is a bit of the old Cuban touch, do you remember kids, I don't know if this was before your time, but when I was a kid I always used to read the paper, I was very astute as a child, and if you can remember there was a man named Batista. And Batista used to run a country called Cuba, before those horrible communist took over, they used to gamble and swing, now all they do is build hospitals and work on the farm." And they then proceed to go into a smoking hot version of "Private World" which unfortunately is cut off till the next video, see third video below.

Anywho the whole thing is available in six parts on ye olde youtube, and I'm given you three of them here, primarily so you can peep the aforementioned intro and song. Also of note is Rodney Bingenheimer introducing the Dolls in the first video.

"Private World" and more are available on the Bob Gruen's Dolls DVD which when I bought it was called All Dolled Up. It's recommended for all you good people who still have the good sense and heart to buy physical product. By the way the video quality is much superior on the DVD.

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