Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Godz' Organic Tribal Body Music

In celebration of finally getting my hands on an original pressing of GODZ 2 I'm reposting this awesome 8mm film of the Godz by Jud Yalkut. An Ugly Things interview with Jim McCarthy of the Godz can and should be read here. For anyone curious about musical connections the Godz might have with other NYC luminaries here's a bit from an interview with Jim McCarthy from a fanzine called 200 Pound Underground

200LBU: Was there anyone else besides The Fugs that inspired you at the time?

JM: Mostly English bands like The Beatles and The Stones, but it was The Fugs that definitely turned my head around. We lived in the same area as them and the whole mood of the Lower East Side at the time was right for us starving artistic types. I was searching my soul for truth and found it in what I did.

200LBU: Did you have connection with the Velvet Underground?

JM: When I was in the hospital for hepatitis, I was in the same ward as Lou Reed. He had hepatitis as well. Mine was infectious, his was serum. This was before either of us had recorded our first albums. We used to get together to smoke cigarettes in this little room outside the ward. We would listen to the radio and I remember his favorite song at the time was ’Red Rubber Ball’ by The Cyrkle and mine was ’I Want You’ by Dylan. After he got out of the hospital, I was walking from the east side to the west side and we both walked towards one another but didn’t say anything. When the first Velvet Underground record came out, I realized who he was and I found out that he had ’Contact High’ and liked it, so we had this mutual appreciation society. He hung out once in awhile and we played with the Velvet Underground at some place out in Long Island called the Action House. It was a big concert with The Ronnettes, The Rascals, and a few others. They had 2 or 3 stages set up for the bands to play and it was a very weird scene. I have vague memories of it because I was pretty stoned. The last time I saw Lou was after the ’Transformer’ record came out and I ran into him at Max’s one night and we just talked.

Yowsa! 8mm footage of the Godz in 1966 by experimental filmmaker Jud Yalkut, who at the time worked with the members of the band at Sam Goody. See the Godz as they play, watch football, have a party, dance, get high, play with the cat and eat cornflakes! See they might be Godz, but they're also just good plain folk, much like you and me!

Notice the Fugs poster in the background at one point. The soundtrack is a medley of the incredibly hypnotic "Lay in the Sun" that segues into "Turn On", both songs are from their 1966 debut on ESP records Contact High With the Godz.  Like many I was turned on to the Godz by the Lester Bang's piece "Do the Godz Speak Esperanto" which you can find in the anthology of his writings edited by (nebbish Godz hater) Greil Marcus- Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung.

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