Monday, September 15, 2014

The World's A Mess It's In My Kiss- X 1980-85

Are you getting on or getting off?
Buy this movie, The Unheard Music, it's a masterpiece, especially the montage editing with still photos and old video footage! Billy Zoom was my favorite member of X. I love that bit in Decline of the Western Civilization where the interviewer is bugging him about why he doesn't have tattoos like the other members, and he just casually says "cause I don't want one".  And this was before tattoos became the completely conformist gesture that they are today, mind you I never dug them, some people have to work to be different and some people just are. That clip is included here as well and boy Exene is drunk.

The Unheard Music is a perfect encapsulation of Los Angeles in the 1980's, and that's coming from someone whose never been there!

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