Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In Search Of D.B. Cooper & The Nazca Plain

D.B. Cooper artist sketch- looking a bit like Daniel Clowes

Hello again, readers of a certain age will no doubt remember thrilling weekend afternoons spent "in search of" various mysterious phenomenon and cultural events with Leonard Nimoy (aka Spock) who as the hostess with the mostess boldly rocked vivid turtle neck/sports blazer combos. It seemed like every other episode of In Search Of was about Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster, but turns out that those are just the ones that made the biggest impression on me as a child, or maybe they were in heaviest syndication. The entire series has recently been released on DVD and I've been having quite a blast revisiting the show.  Those interested in doing the same can purchase the dvd set here. 

One of my favorite episodes of In Search Of is about the infamous 1970's plane hi-jacker known as D.B. Cooper. Who is, as far as anyone knows, still at large. There's a fairly extensive wikipedia listing for D.B. including more recent updates on the case which you can read here .  The upload below of the D.B. episode is the history channels edited version, which cuts out some of the onscreen appearances of Nimoy and the original credits, but fear not as the official DVDs have the full monty.

Another favorite ep. deals with the Nazca lines in Peru, FELT fans take note! The soundtrack for the show was usually early moog type experiments and the narration was often unintentionally hilarious- "studies determined that some of the lines have astronomical alignments, but no more than can be expected by chance".  The show was very much a product of its time, the 1970's, but it remains very entertaining- in short it's a gas and a groovy way to pass a weekend afternoon indoors. 

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