Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Ass & Lamb Kept Time-The Royal Tenenbaums Expanded

Eli Cash spaced out on mescaline & Erik Satie-very much so!

Download Disc One
Download Disc Two
Years ago I compiled an expanded soundtrack for The Royal Tenenbaums. The film has a distinctive Autumnal/Christmas feel and was released, at least in some regions, in December of 2001. So I figured for a Christmas present for readers I would post this two disc edition of the soundtrack to the film. I was thinking of the film recently after watching the 1966 movie Chappaqua as the main character played by Conrad Rooks reminded me a bit of Eli Cash, at least his look and substance abusing lifestyle. 

Some notes- The Beatles "Hey Jude" was used in early previews of the films and was replaced by Mothersbaugh's instrumental version of the song most likely due to licensing issues (read- too expensive), so in the version here I use the original as intended and have Mothersbaugh's as a bonus track.  "Sloop John B", and "I'm Looking Through You" are included also as bonuses as they were reportedly used in some previews as alternate ending songs. And Ellington's "In A Sentimental Mood" is from a deleted scene included on the Criterion edition of the movie. Merry Christmas!

Conrad Rooks in his 1966 film Chappaqua-a possible inspiration for Eli Cash?

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