Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year From Captain Garth, Marta and the Gang

Star Trek-Season 3, Episode 14 Whom Gods Destroy originally broadcast on January 3, 1969. This episode featured The Sound The Past Makes female favorite Yvonne Craig as Marta, remarkably still sexy even with green skin. Come to think of it green skin reminds me of this Monkees' episode also from a once new year (The Audition-Find The Monkees broadcast January 23, 1967) in which there's a rival band called the Jolly Green Giants, the lead singer almost steals the show with the way he says "yo ho ho". And the Monkees discuss the Sunset Strip Riots at the end of the episode. Ah, TV in the mid to late 1960's so colorful, so silly, so magical.

Star Trek Trailer and full episodes of both follow.

Yo Ho Ho Monkees!

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