Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Poptones 1978-81- Public Image Ltd.

I love the look (real sharp dressers, the lot) and sound of the first four years of PiL, well mainly the first three years as things started to slip after (The) Jah Wobble left, but I like The Flowers of Romance too. I wish these first four years were more heavily documented with photographs and video.

I have assembled here the majority of what I could find of these early years of PiL on the youtube, mainly for my enjoyment, good to have it all in one place, but I hope you like it too. Personally I hate Lydon in interviews, the way he talks and his whole attitude is so annoying, nevertheless I've included the third clip for the bit of performance at the start. The mimed performance on American Bandstand (third to the last clip below) actually brings out the best in him attitude wise and is strangely endearing what with the good natured anarchic approach pulling the audience out on the floor and all. And he's not too bad in the 1978 pre PiL interview that winds things up here. Enjoy!

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