Friday, February 27, 2015

Black Flag-TV Party (Target Video)

This Target Video released in 1983 captures an interesting period of transition for Black Flag around 1981/82 when they were moving from Dez to Henry Rollins on vocals, with Dez briefly taking up second guitar duties. My favorite singers for Black Flag corresponds to the order in which they served: Keith Morris, Ron Reyes, Dez Cadena and Henry Rollins. But this early period with Rollins was the last truly great period of the band, before they went into the slower Black Sabbath influenced stuff (some of which I dig)-the two guitar sound featured in part of this video is massive and savage- and there's great footage here of Dez on vocals as well. I like Dez's look with the fisherman's hat, or is it a fedora, a little hard to tell.

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