Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We Can Rebuild Him or Love Must Lack A Sense Of Humor

Bionic Pillow Fight 

1. Girlfriend-Harry Nilsson
2. Intuition- John Lennon
3. My Fault- The Faces
4. Easy Now- Eric Clapton
5. Short and Curlies- The Rolling Stones
6. Trying To Make A Fool Of Me- The Delfonics
7. Wailing Of The Willow- Astrud Gilberto
8. Living Without You- Randy Newman
9. Sweet Thing- David Bowie
10. Letting Go- Paul McCartney & Wings
11. Look Up, Look Down- Liam Hayes
12. Deep Blue- George Harrison
13. Ride On- AC/DC
14. Hard Luck Woman- Kiss
15. Time Waits For No One- The Rolling Stones
16. Candidate- David Bowie
17. All We Ever Got From Them Was Pain- Alex Chilton
18. Just Another Honky- The Faces
19. So Much Music- Liam Hayes

This mix is Oscar Goldman approved!
Feel free to put yourself in these shoes when you listen to this mix!

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