Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Safe Place Soundtrack or Why You're Always Alone

The Dreamers (2003)
I've been impressed with Michael Pitt's acting since I recently started watching his performance as Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire (yes I tend to come late to things) the guy can really act and does particularly impressive work with subtle nuanced gestures and facial expressions that reveal internal aspects of his character.  I suppose he's considered a pretty boy (a sometime model, there's actually something a bit odd or off about his face that I like, probably that chin or the scowl, he kinda reminds me of Pete Nice) but he brings a lot more to the screen than just his look, there's a brooding quality and a charisma you don't see in many actors these days- a quiet that creates tension whenever he's on screen, and again reveals the internal workings of the character. It's indicative of an actor whose is comfortable in front of the camera and so with taking his time and fully inhabiting his character and responding to the scene and his fellow actors.

I've been checking out some of his earlier work, including Bertolucci's The Dreamers from 2003 (luckily haven't gone back to Dawson's Creek yet!). And though his acting has certainly improved since 2003 his performance in the film is still pretty solid, and overall it's a great looking enjoyable film-though kinky as you would expect from Bertolucci (Eva Green has nice breasts, I like those big pink nipples!), but more important and interesting to me it's a movie about people obsessed with movies. Charles Trenet's "La Mer" is used prominently in the film which reminded me of its use in Henry Jaglom's A Safe Place. I assembled a soundtrack for A Safe Place in a blog post several years back. And as these soundtracks seem to be the most popular posts at this site, here's a link to that one from the archives for all you cinephiles.

The Dreamers - One of The Insatiables from Scott Thomas Smith on Vimeo.
Eva Green as Venus De Milo
Michael Pitt & Eva Green in the Dreamers

Pitt as Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire

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