Friday, June 12, 2015

The Subway To Your Suburb- The Modern Lovers 1972

A cat named Warren Loft, has edited some nifty videos for the first Modern Lovers album which I've been enjoying and have compiled below. If by chance you don't have this album, get it posthaste, it's good for you! And unlike most things in this life, it won't ever let you down. I think "Hospital" is still the record's most transcendent moment, it gets me every time. To sweeten the pot here's a rough sounding unreleased live set from the Modern Lovers circa 71/72 which includes a live version of the beautiful unreleased  "Song of Remembrance For Old Girlfriends". The guitar solo on that one is just so heartbreaking, and how often do guitar solos achieve that?
                                                            Click to Download Live Lovers

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