Friday, February 5, 2016

Lost In The Rain In Juarez

Albert Finney in John Huston's adaptation of Malcom Lowry's Under The Volcano-1984

I really like these new videos that Dylan's people have been doing for his The Cutting Edge 1965 - 1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12 - and love this early version of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" which might be my favorite Dylan song, along with "Visions of Johanna".  The six cd vol. 12 set is expensive (you can go for the 2 cd or vinyl or just download what you like) but I think the six cd's are worth it (the 18 cd set is a bit too much) to hear so many of the different feels that were attempted as the songs took shape in the studio. And especially the way Dylan honed his lyrics and phrasing over these multiple takes. Note the shot of Francoise Hardy with Dylan in the video below.

From November 23, 1968 Rolling Stone Interview with John Lennon

Jonathan Cott: Do you ever see Dylan anymore?

John Lennon: No, cause he's living his cozy little life, doing that bit. If I was in New York, he'd be the person I'd most like to see. I've grown up enough to communicate with him. Both of us were always uptight, you know, and of course I wouldn't know whether he was uptight, because I was so uptight, and then when he wasn't uptight, I was – all that bit. But we just sat it out because we just liked being together.
Still from the opening title sequence of Under the Volcano created by Huston's son Danny

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