Saturday, February 20, 2016

Orson Welles On The Dick Cavett Show-1970

This is my favorite interview ever, listening to Orson Welles tell stories is such a blast- insightful, funny and unpretentious. The very definition of a raconteur!  Unfortunately I can't find the entire interview online, just pieces which I've posted below. The complete interview appears on the dick cavett hollywood greats dvd set which is sadly out of print, but I'm sure it's out there in the murky mists of the internet for those interested and inclined. The same set has an amazing interview with Robert Mitchum (probably my second favorite), obviously a very different character than Welles, but almost as much fun. God I miss the 20th century, getting all sentimental, speaking of which I caught part of the Marx Brothers "A Day At The Races" on TV last night, and was especially knocked out by Harpo's piano destroying scene, see below after Orson, also a clip of Orson talking about Hemingway and Orson in Spain. Famous people used to be so talented!


Orson on his relationship with Hemingway


  1. I recently watched Cavett's talk with Brando and really enjoyed it. They deconstruct the phoniness of talk show celebrity interviews. Brando's rejection of the Oscar in 1972 seems unthinkable for any actor to even contemplate today.

  2. That interview is also on the same Cavett Hollywood Greats set. I enjoyed it too! Though it's disappointing he refused to talk about his movies. By the way keep an eye out for the Brando documentary "Listen to Me Marlon"- I saw it during its brief/limited theatre run, really different and interesting as the narration is all done using personal tape recordings that he made. He sounds alternately brilliant and idiotic and sometimes just funny. You leave feeling like you still don't have a handle on who he was, and the maybe he didn't either, but its very enjoyable and like no other doc. i've seen.

    1. Thanks, when I get to see "Listen to Me" I will let you know what I think. I keep getting all these Brando anecdotes lately. I read a book on the making of Superman. By all accounts he was courteous and professional on the set. And this was after he finished Apocalypse Now! Of course Brando got a fat paycheck and he spoke of using the money to fund a documentary on Native American History, which never got made unfortunately.