Thursday, February 25, 2016

When It Hits You Feel No Pain/Life From The Back Seat, Again

This is a re-post of a mix from about a year and a half ago. This blog has been active for about five years now so there's a lot here to wade through so every once in a while I like to point the way to a favorite mix from the past. I actually have two new mixes in the pipeline but haven't been able to find the time to finish 'em -too busy laying around listening to Leonard Cohen and watching old episodes of Dark Shadows- the inevitable slow down of getting old is no joke let me tell you, and I'm starting to feel it. So anyway this is a stop gap thing, like when bands used to release greatest hits or live albums to give them some time to complete their new record. It also provides a good excuse to use this great Spanish cover for Mickey Spillane's My Gun Is Quick.  With spring right around the corner I guess I'm cleaning house. I do like the way this particular mix came out though, its got a bunch of old 20th century favorites (and several from the 21st), so give it a listen, won't you?


1. Back on the Chain Gang- The Pretenders
2. Dusty In Here- The Go-Betweens
3. Glorious Chorus- Go-Kart Mozart
4. Fantastic Voyage- David Bowie
5. Possession-Elvis Costello & The Attractions
6. Perfect for Shattering- Ladybug Transistor
7. I Fall Down- U2
8. Canon (Part 2)-Robbie Robertson & Bill Frisell
9. I Feel Mysterious Today- Wire
10. You Sound Like You're Sick-The Ramones
11. Strange Powers-The Magnetic Fields
12. Without You-David Bowie
13. Ambition- Iggy Pop
14. Donna & The Dope Fiends- Go-Kart Mozart
15. Silicone on Sapphire- The Clash
16. Waiting For The End of the World- Elvis Costello & The Attractions
17. Is This What You Wanted?-Leonard Cohen
18. Time-Richard Hell & The Voidoids
19. Stay Free- The Clash
20. Albion- Babyshambles
21. Ebb Tide- Jack Nitzsche
22. Big Ups/The End- Kenny Powers
23. That Way- The Go-Betweens


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