Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bow Down And Kiss The Microchip-The Clash 1983 US Festival

Joe didn't even trust calculators much less a goddamn home computer!  "You make, you buy, you die!" This was Mick Jones last show with The Clash, and he's making plenty of odd faces, his lip curl makes it seem like he's been hanging with Billy Idol on the sly. Topper Headon was already gone and very sorely missed-they lost their engine. But still or maybe because of all this, the performance is a gripping one. Joe's onstage rants and asides tended towards a rather loose but not incomprehensible association of ideas, but this is a great part of the fun- "You don't want to hear me go on about what's up my ass" heh, do tell!  And "those people in East L.A. aren't gonna stay there forever" and "its gotta be for everybody not just one great white way down the middle of the road" was and is prescient. 

As a bonus here's The Clash with Topper in 1979 doing Armagideon Time, one of my favorite performances

And lest we forget, The Clash in NYC 1981

Just saw this as well, why not, now we're on a roll

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