Thursday, April 21, 2016

Taking a Lifetime Lease- Prince R.I.P.

Jesus I'm getting tired of everybody dying, pretty soon I won't recognize the landscape at all. I feel a bit self-conscious rushing off a post after anyone passes, but Prince's music meant a hell of lot to me as a kid and still does today, and his passing at such a young age is shocking and sad. So in tribute, no cover versions by those less talented than the man himself, the 12 inch mixes for Paisley Park and Raspberry Beret and the unreleased Cosmic Day excerpt.     

I remember being a bit confused by Prince's new direction when Around The World In A Day was first released in 1985. But after that initial confusion, and though I love almost equally all of his 80's work, it quickly became one of my favorite Prince albums. The neo-psychedelia of the record fit in well with REM's Fables of the Reconstruction (another favorite) also released in 1985 and the whole Paisley Underground scene including The Three O'Clock who Prince eventually signed to Paisley Park.

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