Tuesday, June 14, 2016

And Arnold Palmer Wept or We Live As We Dream, Alone

1. I Believe In Love- Lou Reed
2. London Girl- The Pogues
3. Fly- The Jam
4. The Morning After- Count Five
5. 96 Tears- ? & the Mysterians
6. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times- Peggy Lipton
7. I'll Never Learn- The Shangri-Las
8. Dazed and Confused- Jake Holmes
9. Devil Town- Daniel Johnston
10. I'm One- The Who
11. She's Falling Apart- The Flamin' Groovies
12. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything- Bauhaus
13. Guess Things Happen That Way- Johnny Cash
14. Pronto Un Doctor- Los York's
15. Word On A Wing- David Bowie
16. We Live As We Dream, Alone- Gang of Four
17. Wear Your Love Like Heaven- Peggy Lipton

I was in a grocery store the other night feeling sick.  I was only there to get a few needed items, things that I could no longer put off the purchase of, you know, the essentials.  The effort to get dressed, and drive to the store felt Herculean and took its requisite toll - my body drooped, my eyes ached under the fluorescent lights glare. I hate the grocery store even in the best circumstances but this was pure hell. I dragged myself along the shiny aisles hunched with eyes averted from others, feeling like some kind of strung out Quasimodo. But as I walked down the pet food aisle what should come over the loudspeakers but ? & the Mysterians "96 Tears" and Lord have mercy it sounded so damn good that despite my illness I found my posture straightening and a spring and bounce coming back in my step.  It was like a faith healer had suddenly given me the sonic touch and lit some healing fire in my soul. Hearing this song loud in such a public place was revelatory, its relentless weirdness and drive filled me with an uncommon joy that while the song lasted almost made me feel well. That's some powerful medicine.

"And when the sun comes up, I'll be on top, you'll be right down there, looking up".

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