Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Peter Green & World On A Wire-1973

I've only seen a few of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's films, not enough to know how I feel about his films overall, but I can say that I love completely 1973's World On A Wire. It's one of the rare noir/sci-fi films (like Bladerunner and Alphaville) and so squarely up my alley that I almost feel like it lives with me or was made for me back in 1973 to explain that feeling you get when you are a child that everything is somehow not real or that there is a completely different reality under this one's surface.

Everything about the film (actually it was a German TV mini series, so be forewarned its long, 4 hrs) is so damn pitch perfect and beautiful including the use of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac's hit instrumental 'Albatross'. Fassbinder achieves an atmosphere that I find myself totally immersed in (I like to watch it in bed on the edge of sleep), not unlike the artificial realities displayed in the film-just as distressing and artificial but also strangely comforting. It's a subtly rendered retelling of the Gnostic myth of creation for those in the know.

Trailers for the film and several of the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac's haunting songs below, including the beautiful and mesmerizing 'Albatross'.

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