Monday, October 31, 2016

9 to 5 or Midnight to Six

I want to put in a plug for these History of Rock by year magazines (one every month) that Uncut has been publishing.  I guess they own NME and Melody Makers archives so the contents are all vintage articles from whatever the given year is that they are covering. They started with 1965 and are now up to 1979 (well here in the U.S. that is looks like 1981 is already out in the U.K.) 1979 is in my estimation the best year yet check the contents-The Jam, The Pop Group, Rough Trade, The Human League, Roxy Music, McLaren vs. Rotten, The Mekons, The Undertones, Blondie, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Tubeway Army, B-52's, The Damned, The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Joy Division, 2-Tone, and last but not least The Clash.  Whew, the late 70's definitely rivaled the mid-60's for sheer diversity of pop rock and roll goodness. Only thing in this one I'm not really interested in is Kate Bush, but who knows maybe one day I'll get with that. I find the mag, which is pricey but meaty locally at Barnes and Noble, though there's only one in town that seems to carry them, any case if you are interested in the mid to late 20th Century music keep an eye out for it.

With this penchant for the past firmly lodged in yr mind here are my favorite albums of late 2016- Barrett, Machine Gun Etiquette, Jazz Noir 3 disc set, Ace of Spades, Valley of the Dolls, Drums and Wires, Fast Mutant Pop, Lodger, Dreams Less Sweet, Wild Gift, Germicide, A Minute to Pray A Second to Die, Give The People What They Want, Eternally Yours, Tattoo You, We Are Time, Pretenders I & II, Bauhaus Volumes 1 & 2 (a really perfect distillation of their career), The Prisoner OST, Farewell My Lovely OST, and The Man Who Fell to Earth OST.

Heavy rotation on the T.V. are The Avengers (the complete Emma Peel set, natch), Dark Shadows, Hammer Horror box sets, Apocalypse Now 2 disc Blu-Ray (the extras are great on this set and it can be had for 5 bucks at Target so don't whine about downloading it for free), The Cure Staring at The Sea (VHS), Dance Craze (VHS), Return of the Living Dead, Sing Street, The Outer Limits, The Odd Couple, Old Grey Whistle Test compilations, The Allan Clarke Collection and The Hardy Boys (dig if you dare the Claude Bessy aka Kickboy Face cameo in the Season 2 opener as Frenchie).

Gotta go pay some bills so I will turn you over to Los Ramones, The Pretty Things, Talking Heads and Camper.  Aloha friends. 


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