Friday, February 3, 2017

I Was Once A Toff- The Kinks 1977-83

Ray Davies camping it up in the late 70's, he really came WAY out of his shell- might have been the cocaine.  The Kinks were the first band I saw live in the early 80's, they were doing this same kind of bit, it was a lot of fun, my parents went with me and they enjoyed it as well.  Can't remember if he had dropped the white sneakers by then, I hope so, white sneakers are always a bad look-makes you look like you work in a hospital.

I heard "Come Dancing" in a drugstore the other night and even in my feverish state (bad case of the flu or something) I had to pause and listen, what a great song, probably the Kink's last great song. The tour I saw was right before this album (State of Confusion) came out, 83 I believe. I think Julien Temple directed this video, you can see the same visual style he would use a year or two later in Absolute Beginners.  I have a soft spot for his early work, especially The Great Rock n' Roll Swindle.

Go here for the interview portion with Ray Davies by a clueless Mike Douglas. Its funny how Mike obviously did little to no research. Very cool to see Tony Bennett sitting next to Ray. Talk shows used to have such a casual relaxed pace, and an unusual and refreshingly unscripted air. People actually sitting around just talking.

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